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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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for restaurant reservations. >> i think it has to put fear into them at this point that facebook with a billion users engine has to be something they're concerned about. >> a billion users have posted photos and made a trillion connections sharing likes and interests. this minds the facebook community not the web autograph it's design stod return to you the answer. not linked to other places where you might get the answer. >> for now, aimed at desk top users. however, he says they're working on that. >> thank you. the stock slipped 85 cents and
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closed at just over 30s aids shairks apple stock dropped more today nearly $16 a share, more than 3% of it's value. this is after apple cut orders because of weaker than expected deal demand. >> officials overwhmed by response they got in today's gun buy back programf3-6÷. police set up trailers like "b:k5gñ they ran out of money in less than an hour, they have)téd $43,000 for the program. people turned in a sawed off shotgun and an ak 47. >> this is bought on principal. they were banning assault weapons like 20 years ago. i had a change in follow loss fi about gun ootz police department started to hand out vouchers once money was gone. the weapons collected will be melted down and shredded.
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another buy back will be held next monday. >>' city council agreed to put more police on the streets. oakland faces a shortage of officers, the plan calls for putting sheriff deputies on the streets of oakland, including hiring more crime technicians. and the current class will hit the streets inv9'b>á(2ñ >> we vnlt had an entry level academy in four years, i hope you can be there. the first time in five years we've held a police academy. we need more than that. >> the chief points out they will work in high crime areas supplementing officers on the job there. >> san francisco police close twror finding a man who kill aid dog. they named this man as a suspect. police say he stole money from
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a woman, when the dog started wark barking from ini had of the car, police say he snatched the dog and tlau it into traffic. the dog died at the vet. a cat is going home after surviving an arrow through the che. tonight the owner wants who can did it held responsible. laura anthony is wlif a story only on abc 7 news. laura? >> this cat just left the hospital with his family. now we're going to show you photos of him yesterday. when he arrived herelgwcñ with n airo please know photos are hard to look at. but he's made an mazing recovery and is on the way home, he's going to be just fine. >> we were out feeding the animals and there he was.
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in the barn with an arrow through him. >> his name is kfc. a 5-year-old tom cat that wasn't looking this good just one day ago stha. when his owner found him with a 22 inch air yes through his chest. on her sprawling ranch property. >> he didn't like that. he couldn't go far. like it was a -- trying to put on angel wings but it wasn't. it went through him. >> he rushed ffc to of a animal hospital he was in good blood vessels in the area, it didn't hit anything that could have caused him to bleed terribly. >> as thon shown, somehow interit went through his upper body without hitting vital organ. he's expected to makeleá a full recovery.
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>> it didn't hit vital organs. and he was virks very lucky. >> they contacted contra costa animal control, which started an investigation. the first step will be to interview all neighbors that live around the 300 acre ranch. and are hoping to locate someone who recognizes the arrow.hqjo÷ hill. and it's possible that people get excited about their new skills and have come out to practice. i know people hunt. i'm in the opposed to that. we don't have people hunt here. >> contra costa animal serviceserb iscckñ looking fore shooter first they would have to locate the person, then would have to determine whether he or she fired at the
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>> laura, thank you. >> sheriff deputies want to find out who killed a man found insifd a trunk of a car. it appears the car has been here since saturday. the coroner identified the investigators say his girlfriend snot considered a suspect in the death. >> the tightl!5zñ state budget could be leading to an increase in crime. abc 7v/[#y9ews is live in sacramento tonight to explain connection here. >> with a court order to ease overchouding, california began shifting offenders to local jails this sm say couldn't handle them. carol and her dog have been
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keeping an eye on neighborhoods lately there has been a rash of break ins. >> this was broken into. the garage and on the corner broke n they get a lot of stuff. >> the california department of justice reports crime is down, property crimes are on the rise. they went up in 2011 but after the state began shifting low level criminals, the numbers spiked to 4.5%. law enforcement believe there's is a$?izu connection leaving many criminals leaving criminals unsupervised. >> there is no such tether on them. it's predictable that is going to happen. >> the california department of corrections says it's not fair to blame a rise in crime, just a reassignlinement, plus, counties given traechl money.
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>> this crime is going down you're going to blame property crimes going up on realignment,. >> the feermer sheriff worries criminals will graduate to more serious crimes. >> phone shall for homicides increases. >> carol morgan doesn't know what is2=s0 to blame it on. she knows the neighborhood isn't the same. >> it's terrible. opposed to what it was before. >> the stats should be out later this fall, corrections says that may give a better picture of realignments affects. >> all right. thank you. coming up, do you du have privacy concerns about a graph search? michael finney can help you and a digital coupeon deal this can come from stores
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you're driving by thanks to one connected app. >> and parts of the bay area warming as much as five degrees, we're going to see more warming heading into the next several days. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> surf could be up for mavericks competition on the coast. when it's going to be made. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues right here in
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sky 7 shows us flames burning true the roof of a home. fire broke out at 9:00 this morning on east 26th street. the fire department tells us no one was home at that time but there was a lot of damage.
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investigators working to find out what sparked this fire. >> we've been talking with face bok's new graph search and this allows users to search posting autos yes. michael finney is here to talk about a warning about this. >> yes. i think the news conference still going on and they're warning that information buried in time line can be resurrected by graph search. facebook ceo has advised those concerned to revisit your settings. go tolt lock icon on the upper righthand corner of your facebook page. you can also visit your activity log to see what else you've posted and what graph search users might find. you can limit the audience to friends only rather than the
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more open friends of friends category. it means everyone could see your posts. the age of the connected car is here, now, it's possible to shop for a deal while driving. proximity has teamed up with valpak to bring you coupe yonz while you drive. load it into your mobile phones. you're near at the time you're driving. you can. say commands like lunch and they will send coupons for restaurants. deals one reporter found included two for one hamburgers and 50% off dry cleaning. remember, stop the car before checking out the deals. if you've been to the gym, chances are you know how crowded it is. this is the busiest time of the year and thofs us pledge to get into shape, losing weight for the new year before jumping into a new contract
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consumer check book recommends do your home work to get the most out of the membership, ie, your money, find td club with amenities you're most likely to use, don't pay for a pool if you're not going to swimosz:. find out if you can get a short trial membership. >> take a walk with friends might be more fun. maybe you ride your bike to work. >> if you do, join a club i mean really closely, make sure there are no surprises. >> you know hard core gym people call us the january to march people. gone after march. >> yes. >> most california farmers will have to wait to find out if our cold snap is any damage to crops. freezing temperatures can endanger everything from leafy green vegetables to citrus
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fruits. set fires running machines just to raise temperatures a few degrees in their orchard that's can make a difference between a profitable harvest. >> call to surfers for ma mavericks inat this time vit taigsal could go oup out soon. organizers say conditions gr enough for the big wave contest to possibly run this coming sunld. mavericks near half moon bay. the decision is expected to be made friday, or early saturday to give time to get here. thousands expected to turn out but spectators will not be aloud near the cliff above mavericks because of safety and environmental concerns. there are injuries during 2010 contests. waves swept spectateors off their feet f it does not run sunday they're going to keep watching the event waiting period extends until march 31. >> going to be a bit of a warm up. >> that is right.
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leigh glaser in. >> a terrific day today. a cold start this morning.wj5úñ running through highs for today. today. ayñ" looking towards sutro tower there. also showing just terrific views from around the bay area this evening. looking out over the bay on blue sky and beautiful shots. here is a look at sky 7 hd. we're dry right now. here is a is a look at readings this morning. another cold night overnight with sonoma county airport, 26 degrees. san francisco, 50. this morning weather 32
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degreesj here is a look at readings into 40s inland locations. 47 livermore. 53 in oakland. looking at warming today half moon bay up nine degrees. san francisco, up, two. better than two for antioch as well as livermore. there is an indication temperatures starting to moderate a bill bit. so that snap eases tonight going to be milder for wednesday, lut first part of the week you can expect temperatures to climb back up into 60s. lows tonight frost warnings and some locations will get close to below freezing.
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brentwood foo 30s opposed to 30s where you were in the 20s. here is the big picture, nice ridge of high pressure. the storm track is way up here that, is where this ridge is going to keep it for the next four to five days. that parcel of cold air pushing towards east. due to cold temperatures are into the weekend. east bay temperatures begin to warm up. right on through the weekend. here is a look at highs for wednesday. in santa rosea, 57 in napa. oakland you'll climb to 59 degrees, nice mild temperatures for antioch as well as livermore tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. 59 for san jose. and we'll talk about 60s down towards santa cruz. 50 degrees there.
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we're into thursday and friday, temperatures will continue to rise slightly. saturday and sunday we're talking temperatures into mid-60s around here, what a difference just, you know days makes with plenty of sunshine. so try to thaw out a little bit. >> it's a good condition to see temperatures as they come up. >> yes. you're exactly right. >> thanks leigh. >> sales of space heaters in san francisco still skyrocketing. employees say they had to order extra space heaters. there has been a rush of gloves and hats and other .
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>> now, a warning when it comes to space heaters advised you keep three feet from objects. san francisco fire official says they responded to a fire caused when a space heater was place toad close to a bed. >> 49ers fever is kicking into high gear now. take a look at these faithful fans predicting this team will go all the way. a8suu the guy wearing the hat there. >> these cookies are pretty cool. take a look at this dog. take a look at the dog decked out in the niner hoody. you can e mail your fan photos to us. we'll post them right here. and$$f÷ may show some of them on the air. >> and abc 7 news mike shumann's reports will begin on friday.
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this i. i like that dog in the hoody. >> that is good look, yes. >> stay with us. first major event could test a proposed ban at smoking at festival autos at 6:00 efforts to overhaul college as we know it. it's a major step towards making higher education more affordable. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues right after this.
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we know more about what contributed to oil tanker hitting the bay bridge last week. the bafr pilot made a last minute turn just before passing the bridge. that is when the rayhar clipped a tower causing millions in damage. san jose mercury news reports the pilot planned to follow
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the yellow line you can see on the map but changed labors to cross near yerba buena island. that pilot has tested negative for drugs and alcohol. >> three students were arrested after they passed out pot brownies and cookies at school. police say they told them to other students monday in num yachblt however, some tipped off the resource officer who tracked down a 14 yormd!:ñ yormd and two 15-year-old girls that were arrested four others cited for being under the influence of drugs. two girls sent to the hospital after getting sick. >> this morning three fire  costa county fire district were shut down. including station 4, 12 and 16 in martinez. officials blame a $6 million
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budget home. voters rejected a measure in november to keep fire stations open. so this is the result no. firefighters will be laid off because of the closures. just stations shut down. >> add festivals to a list of places where smoking is prohibited. smoking in outdoor festivals and parades. promoteors will need to let people know about the ban. >> are no police in facilities citing people for smoke something is there smoking in these facilities in no. people know. >> the ban could take affect in time for the parade in february. block party woz not be subjected to this ban.
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>> and more of us turning to the internet. a research study finds 70% looked up information online that. is about 35% after dults in the united states. most people wanted to identify what kind of condition they had. perhaps we'd like to know more. >> children can get in on the google doodle. >> yes. and a chance for major college skop skolarship. >> and a programming note. tonight jimmy kimmel's guests are rob lowe, brice harper and big boy, tonight at 11:35 right after
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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coming up eviction day in a peninsula marinea. why chances are good the sheriff will be called in. >> a look at cutting edge
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technology about to make wearing braces more comfortable. >> a bay area woman pool problem and how it can teach us a lesson about home warranties. >> google is inviting school children to participate in a contest. >> yes. the theme is best day ever. here is a lk at past winners including two from the bay thaerks scene won the contest two years ago. >> and this landscape by grace moon was selected as the first winner in 2008. by the way abc own's katie couric is a celebrity judge. the winner receiving a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant for a current school. >> that is great. >> world news is up them.. >>
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this is "world news." tonight, secrets and lies. lance armstrong finally admits he cheated with drugs. how many? and how did he hide it? flu rebellion? can the flu shot ever, ever give you the flu? we're going to tell you the truth tonight. made in america. a big announcement from walmart that could create thousands of american jobs. and crystal bill. president clinton makes a big prediction about his wife's future. good evening on this tuesday night. more about the confession rocketing around the globe, lance armstrong finally talking to oprah winfrey about the use of illegal drugs. for 14 years, this has been armstrong's public face, steely and defiant. but tonight,hi


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